5th International Conference on Fuzzy Logic Systems (Fuzzy 2019)

October 26~27, 2019, Dubai, UAE

Accepted Papers

    Implicative filters in some fuzzy logic Structures
    D.Gretete, M.Zaoui, K. El Aroui*
    National school of Applied Sciences ENSAK University of Ibn Tofail, BP 241, 14000 Kenitra, Morocco
    In this paper, we attempt to find a characterization of some implicative filters in some fuzzy algebras. Towards this end, firstly, the notion of a De Morgan triples and properties of implicative filters in a de Morgan implicative structure are stated. Finally, some interesting with detail of most classical cases of an implicative filters are given.

    Fuzzy Logic, Implicative Filters, Logic Algebra, Triangular Norms